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Less Can Be More

In January of this year, some weather came through Sarasota.  Most of the boats in the anchorage rode it out and stayed in place.  One fellow, who didn't was unfortunate enough to lose his anchor on the windward side of Ringling Causeway. I may have written of it previously. This evening, I came upon the series of images that I took that morning while the waves were still pounding. Images of a boat being pounded by surf can be dramatic if good framing is possible. It wasn't that morning and none that day's images were good enough to pass muster.  The boat was still on the rocks a few weeks later. The day was bright, and the bay calm. I still couldn't get a good composition of the overall scene. But I did capture this image that brings the story down to the final outcome. aground  
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Entropy is an image that dates back to 2005 when I spent some time near Yankeetown, Florida. I was standing on the northern edge of the Cross Florida Barge Canal, where it would have entered the Gulf of Mexico had better sense not prevailed to cancel the project. I had worked on this image several years ago and had never been happy with the result. Today, I revisited the image and like the result.

Taken with 3.0mp Olympus camera.

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