Special Moments

There are special moments in photography, when the gods come together and without anticipation you are there, in the right place, at the right time, with the right - or almost right - equipment. That happened the other night on Lido Beach. We had come to watch the sunset and, having brought a couple of sit-on-the-sand stadium seats, plunked ourselves down a few feet from the water. We were there to enjoy the sunset and, perhaps, capture a few images.   There was still enough light that my camera was set to my usual aperture priority, f/11. Given the hour, the ISO was 400. The camera was in my lap, aimed more or less, down the beach with the 18-200mm DX lens pulled all the way back to 18mm.   Couples, young and old strolled by – the firm and the infirm. Gulls wheeled overhead and the sounds and warm breeze nearly lulled me to sleep. Then, along came two young women who, stopped a few yards away and stayed - conversing in the warm light - while one practiced her dance and balance movement. Is it possible for a photographer to resist this? Click, Click, Click - without ever picking up the camera.   The light had declined and because of the distance, the image is cropped way down to where it’s only 2.5mg. I was able to push the color and contrast; and I think that enhances the specialness of this unique moment. I captured a number of images. Three came out well. This one, I like best. There is a lesson here: special light makes special moments - but you have to be there. _KRK6878edit7162
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