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America 1930 Style.

In September of 2015, I came across an exhibit of wall-sized Thomas Hart Benton paintings at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. These capture America at work and at play in 1930.  There is no need for words. The images tell the story. I will say that my lens was not wide enough to capture the entire image in some cases. _krk3252 _krk3254 _krk3255 _krk3256 _krk3257 _krk3258 _krk3259  
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King Menkaura and Wife

He-and-SheYesterday's visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Art found me once again admiring this 4500-year-old sculpture of an Egyptian pharaoh and his wife. Found during a museum-sponsored Harvard expedition in 1911, this is considered one of the finest works of ancient sculpture ever found.  The unfinished sculpture is life-size and this image shows only the upper portion.   The image above was edited in Photoshop using Tony Kuyper's TKActions V4 which I had forgotten that I had. The image below essentially out of the camera, but with some noise reduction as it was shot at ISO 1600 f1.7 @1/60thKing Menkaura and Queen-1 The exhibit card can be read here.  
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