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King Menkaura and Wife

He-and-SheYesterday's visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Art found me once again admiring this 4500-year-old sculpture of an Egyptian pharaoh and his wife. Found during a museum-sponsored Harvard expedition in 1911, this is considered one of the finest works of ancient sculpture ever found.  The unfinished sculpture is life-size and this image shows only the upper portion.   The image above was edited in Photoshop using Tony Kuyper's TKActions V4 which I had forgotten that I had. The image below essentially out of the camera, but with some noise reduction as it was shot at ISO 1600 f1.7 @1/60thKing Menkaura and Queen-1 The exhibit card can be read here.  
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Fiddling With A Guitar

The Boston weather is cool. The drive from Florida went well and was timely in that we missed the rain and wind associated with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hermine. Yesterday afternoon we visited the Boston Museum of Fine Art and I shot several dozen images with the Panasonic GX-7 using the 20mm pancake lens. Last night, I worked on a guitar image taken in their music instrument gallery. I may play with it some more. A darker background may enhance the image. National Guitar
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