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Window Portrait

This image is one of my recent favorites.  On an evening walk, we came upon a woman sitting for a portrait in an artist's studio. The curtains weren't drawn and the setting seemed almost a continuation of the attached store-front art galleries that lined that side of the street.  I couldn't resist and pressed my rubber lens hood against the glass and shot with the 20mm lens (40mm equivalent) on my 4/3 Panasonic GX7. Window Portrait Compositionally, the unseen woman, whose image was being painted in, next to her husband on the canvas, didn't work.  She was on the far left and was cropped out.  I was left with a view of the back of the artist and the woman's husband (a guess) staring at me from the canvas.  On the first pass through Photoshop, responding to some sense of a privacy issue, I blurred the fellow's face.  Then, realizing that he was only a painting, took back the blur. Using a mixture of brush strokes and textures, I gave the the already warm image an artistic feel. Following up on a friend's paper suggestion, I had it printed 10"x10" on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper.

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