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Aluminum Overcast

_KRK0890edit5997 Over the weekend, a nearby airport was visited by Aluminum Overcast, one of the few remaining B-17 bombers.  Though I am not an aviation buff, I could not resist the opportunity to capture some images of one of the few remaining B-17s.  This one, Aluminum Overcast, was manufactured by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1945 and never saw action in Europe.  Still, it was a treat to go aboard and see what the young men of my father’s generation risked their lives in as they flew 8 – 10 hour missions over Europe.  Of the 48 remaining B-17s, only 7 are still flying. Click on the photos to enlarge. _KRK0914edit5990 Bombadier 1 _KRK0928edit5991 _KRK0937edit5994 _KRK0922edit6002 _KRK0908edit5999 _KRK0909edit6001 _KRK0905edit5988
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